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We offer very cost effective, convenient and flexible, Plug & Play, Ready to Move situated in Rajiv Gandhi, Chandigarh technology park, Chandigarh, which is towards north of India. Our solutions are contrary to Traditional Leased IT Space that is becoming an outdated option.You can decide your own length of stay and space with us. You can expand and reduce your space and period as per your needs. We charge a Fixed Monthly Fee based on per workstation basis.

Our solutions include Fully Managed Plug and Play IT Facilities, virtual outsourcing center, incubation center etc. that helps our clients to focus on their core business as we take the responsibility of the management of IT facility and business support services, ideally suited to growing IT company, start up IT Company or a firm working on special short term project. We also offer Managed IT Facility on "Build to Suit "Basis.
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Managed Ready to Move-Plug & Play-Workstations
It is a facility wherein anyone can start the operations immediately as no set up time is required........


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Incubation IT Center
provide SMEs and Start-up with the nurturing environment needed to develop and grow your business, offering everything.........



Managed IT Space-Build to Suit
Tailor your IT space with us. We will create the IT space as per your needs.........


it campus in chandigarh

Virtual Outsourcing Center
Run the offshore IT facility remotely while simply remaining in your own office..........


virtual outsourcing

Run your offshore IT facility remotely while sitting in your own office. You will have State of the Art IT Infrastucture, Virtual Employee and all Business Support Services under your ultimate control and management.....


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Conventional leased Space
Managed IT Space

No setup time as facility is "Ready to Move & Plug & Play". Flexibility in terms of Area. & Tenure as you can reduce or increase as per your requirements. No Investment in IT Infrastructure as facility is fully furnished and fully equiped with all facilities (Plug & Play Facility)



A Managed Office offers you all the benefits of your own bespoke space, but without the need for a long term commitment or up-front capital outlay.

  • No Set up time- Ready to Move being Plug and Play Facility
  • Easily expand or reduce space- You pay only for what you use.
  • Length of Stay according to business needs
  • Very convenient
  • Quick Transition
  • Simple Service contract
  • Save time and money
  • Reduced business risks
it center in chandigarh

Managed IT Space
Virtual Outsourcing Center

You can remotely run the offshore IT facility without the need for you to be physically there and you will have IT Infrastructure, Virtual Employees & Bussines Support Services at your ultimate controll


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